Niall Harrison, who has been hosting a theme week at Torque Control on women writers  of science fiction, invited me to take part in a discussion about Tricia Sullivan‘s latest novel, Lightborn. The book examines the aftermath of the collapse of a neural-enhancing technology, which leaves most adults damaged, and everyone else to fend for themselves.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Lightborn when I’d finished it, and the subsequent discussion suggested to me that I’d missed quite a lot of Sullivan’s reference points. Consequently, I wasn’t able to take part as much as I’d have liked; but I’d recommend the novel, and I hope you find the discussion interesting. (The other participants were Niall, Nic Clarke, and Nick Hubble.)

The discussion is posted on Torque Control here. Do have a more general browse while you’re there, as Niall has been posting a lot of interesting stuff.