The Blog and the Blogger

My name is David Hebblethwaite, and I’m a reader and book blogger from Yorkshire, now living in the south of England. I enjoy reading books from around the world, and have a particular interest in fiction in translation. 

I describe my favourite type of book as ‘short and sharp (or strange, or strong)’ – think Muriel Spark, Han Kang: that sort of book. This blog is where I try to explore why I like the books that I do, and what it means to like them in the first place. 

Besides this blog, I’ve written for Strange Horizons, Shiny New BooksWords Without Borders, The Bookseller, Fiction Uncovered, and Vector.

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

If you’d like to contact me, please e-mail

Review policy

I’m happy to accept review copies; if you think you have a book that would interest me, please get in touch. I’m particularly interested in the following sort of books:

  1. World literature and fiction in translation 
  2. Short and sharp/strange/strong 
  3. Classics
  4. Short fiction 
  5. Books from small publishers   

Please note that I run this blog in my spare time, on top of a full time job. I try my best to be timely, but I can’t guarantee when, or at what length, I’ll cover a particular book. If that is fine with you, do go ahead and drop me a line.