Books from FantasyCon

Three points:

1. I’ve decided to get more into photography — not in any major way, just to practise a bit and see how well I can do.

2. Yesterday, I returned from FantasyCon with… er… ‘a few’ books in tow.

3. I’ve seen other bloggers do ‘books received’ posts, but never done any like that myself.

Combining all these three, I present to you some gratuitous shots of the books I got from FantasyCon. (I know they’re not the best possible photos, but I’m uploading them as they are to record what level I start from with the photography.)

FCon books 1a

FCon books 2a

FCon books 3a

As to when I’ll get around to reading any of these books: your guess is as good as mine…


  1. What ONLY 17 books, thats not very good, you must try harder

  2. Damn! And I’d thought of sending you my short story collection. Broken Symmetries, to give you something to read before Christmas… But NO WAY can I come near to comnpeting with Richard Morgan and Calvino.
    This is what you might have had in a perfect Fantasycon-free world:
    (complete with a quote from your good self I took the liberty of borrowing, thanks!)

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