I never had Lonely Planet down as a publisher of fiction, but here is an anthology of science fiction travel stories published by them. I bought it in a book sale some years ago, and recently came across it again on my shelves; I thought it would be fun to read as a story-by-story review project, so here’s what Damien Broderick selected:

Lisa Goldstein, ‘Tourists’

Greg Egan, ‘Yeyuka’

Brian W. Aldiss, ‘The Difficulties Involved in Photographing Nix Olympica’

Gene Wolfe, ‘Seven American Nights’

Stephen Dedman, ‘Tourist Trade’

John Varley, ‘In the Bowl’

Garry Kilworth, ‘Let’s Go to Golgotha!’

Joanna Russ, ‘Useful Phrases for the Tourist’

Robert Silverberg, ‘Trips’

Paul J. McAuley, ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’

The titles above will become links to my review posts as we go on. Let the journey begin!