Reading in Translation conference, 17-18 May

I have some personal news today. Dr Jennifer Arnold is an academic at University College Cork, working on a project about translated literature called Reading Across Cultures. On Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 May, she is hosting a conference on Reading in Translation. It includes a round table discussion on book blogging, with Stu from Winston’s Dad, Marcia from Lizzy’s Literary Life – and me!

The conference is taking place online, and it’s free to register if you’re interested. My panel is on Tuesday at 3.15 pm.


  1. I’m not great at working out time zones but I think that if it’s 3.15pm in Cork then it’s 12.15am in Melbourne Australia.
    And I reckon it will be worth staying up, to see and hear some of my favourite bloggers in person. (Well, zooming in person, that is).

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