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A short admin post today, to say that I’ve changed the way posts on the blog are indexed. I used to have two pages listing all my reviews, but they became unwieldy. So I’ve been working on a new way of categorising posts, which you can find in a drop-down menu to the right. In particular, you can browse for posts on individual authors, or books translated from particular languages. Hopefully that should make it easier to explore the archives.


  1. I really like this. Makes the blog easier to search. I love that final category–I’m always drawn to such “miscellaneous” or “to be sorted” or “odds and ends” because interesting stuff is often hard to catalog.
    Would be nice if you could collapse the author and language categories into folders, but maybe the software won’t allow that.

    • David H

      2nd September 2014 at 5:51 pm

      Actually, ‘Uncategorized’ is the WordPress defauly, so I can’t lay claim to that…
      I’m not sure whether I can collapse the author and language categories; must look into it.

  2. That’s a lot more organised than I am. I also did a clean up of categories last week when I found they were just getting out of hand. I still haven’t found a solution to the uncategorised or miscellaneous posts though

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