Teaser Tuesday: Pure

I’ve found this weekly meme over at the Should Be Reading blog: open the book you’re reading at a random page, and quote two sentences (without spoilers). Sounds fun. Today I am reading Pure, Andrew Miller’s Costa-winning novel set in pre-Revolutionary Paris:

When the assault took place, when precisely, no one could ever say with any certainty. Somewhere between very late and very early, some deep, velvet-lined pocket of a winter’s night. (p. 189)

I haven’t actually reached that page yet; I’m intrigued.


  1. That’s a lovely sentence. I really want to read Pure.

  2. I really like the way that’s written. I’m not normally into historical fiction, but I might have to check it out.

    Here’s mine: http://tobisummers.blogspot.com/2012/07/teaser-tuesday-71012.html

  3. I would be intrigued too. The language is lovely. What is being described is not. My teasers this week are from Kiss the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton and Before You Go by James Preller. Happy reading!

  4. That last line is beautifully written.

  5. Congratulations for actually playing by the rules. I admit, we usually choose our teasers very carefully, and sometimes from a book we just finished.

    Here’s ours: http://www.ourstack.blogspot.com/2012/07/tuesday-teasers-gone-missing-and.html

  6. Hi, great blog! I am a new follower from Teaser Tuesday. I would love a follow back!



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