The Orange Prize has a new website, and has announced its judges for 2011.

More commentary on Edward Docx’s “literary vs genre” article: a response by Cora Buhlert; and Laura Miller of looks at why people love bad writing.

Jackie from Farm Lane Books posts the first part of her list of books she’s looking forward to next year.

Guy Fraser-Sampson has a Christmas Book Quiz on his blog.

Jane Smith asks: what do you look for in a publisher’s website?

Valerie O’Riordan reviews the BBC National Short Story Award 2010 anthology (which will be featured on this blog next week!) for Bookmunch.

Keith Brooke is reviving Infinity Plus as a publisher of ebooks.

Sam Jordison invites people to nominate the worst books of the year (luckily for me, I’ve managed to avoid any real stinkers this year).

John Harris reads eleven celebrity memoirs in four days (not a task which I envy him!).

Mark Wernham writes about developing an app based on his novel-in-progress. (I’m struck that there are parallels between what Wernham says here about ‘a generation for whom the novel will be just a part of their expectation from…[an] author’ and the remarks in Harris’s article on celebrity memoirs being part of a a celebrity’s wider ‘brand’. I’ll think on this a bit more. Incidentally, I do like the sound of Wernham’s novel-in-progress.)

Ten beautiful converted bookstores from around the globe.

Some books that sound interesting:

  • Stuart Evers enthuses about the work of Chris Paling over at Fiction Uncovered.
  • Max Cairnduff on Berg by Ann Quin.
  • The Bookseller interviews Mary Horlock on her debut novel The Book of Lies.