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Swanton Bombs – Mumbo Jumbo and Murder: Culture Revival review

Video: ‘Viktoria’

Now reviewed at Culture Revival: the debut album by London duo Swanton Bombs. Mumbo Jumbo and Murder is a short, sharp set of rock songs, and — well, the review will tell you more.

Read the review in full.

Girl in a Thunderbolt – Songs for Modern Lovers EP: Culture Revival review

Chances are, you won’t have heard of Girl in a Thunderbolt (Norwich singer-songwriter Maria Uzor); neither had I until I was sent her EP to review for Culture Revival — and what a discovery. Songs for Modern Lovers is a set of four dark, folk-ish tracks to which no simple categorisation can do justice. I loved it.

Read the review in full.

Video: ‘Run Away’ (NB. Not on this EP)

Fyfe Dangerfield – Fly Yellow Moon: Culture Revival review

Fyfe Dangerfield from Guillemots has a solo album out, and I’ve reviewed it for Culture Revival. I really like Guillemots, and I’m pleased to report that Fly Yellow Moon is a good listen, too. YOu can read the review here, and there’s a taster for the album below.

Video: ‘She Needs Me’

Haunted Stereo – Cross the Sea EP: Culture Revival review

Now up at Culture Revival is my review of Cross the Sea, a maritime flavoured EP from a Southampton band named Haunted Stereo. It has some really good songs, and marks Haunted Stereo out as an act to watch.  Here they are performing live for BBC Radio Solent:

Video: ‘Wow Wow Wow’ (live)

The Foxes – ‘Bill Hicks’: Culture Revival review

It’s been quite a while since my last post on here, I know; but I’m back, and I have a new review up at Culture Revival, of ‘Bill Hicks’ by The Foxes. It’s a good song.

Read the review in full.

Deastro – ‘Toxic Crusaders’: Culture Revival review

I have a new review up at Culture Revival, this time of ‘Toxic Crusaders’, a song by Randolph Chabot of Detroit, who makes music under the name Deastro. This is a nifty little dance track, as you’ll hear below.

Read the review in full.

Snow Patrol @ Palace Theatre, Manchester, 29 Nov 2009: Culture Revival review

I went to see Snow Patrol at the weekend, and what a great night it was. A brilliant performance, and even a surprise guest appearance by Elbow (it was as much a surpise to Snow Patrol as anyone else). My review of the gig is now up at Culture Revival, and you can read it here.

Video: ‘Just Say Yes’ (live)

Team Waterpolo – ‘Letting Go’: Culture Revival review

I have a review up at Culture Revival of the latest Team Waterpolo single, which is a fantastic song that surely’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face. Now, with music reviews, I’d normally link to a video; but should I still do that when the review is about only one song? On balance, I think it would be churlish of me not to, when I like the song so much.

So, here is ‘Letting Go’:

Team Waterpolo

EDIT: No more than five minutes after writing this post, I went over to Team Waterpolo’s Facebook page to post a link to the review, and I discovered that the band have decided to split. Very sad news.

Culture Revival review: Rodina – Over the Sun

Now up at Culture Revival is my review of Over the Sun, the first album by Rodina, a jazz-pop outfit from Leeds. It’s quite a mixed write-up, and I’m not sure I’d have listened to the album had I not been sent it for review; so I leave it to you to make what you will of my thoughts.

The full review is available to read here.

It took some searching to track down any of Rodina’s music that I could embed here, but I found the acoustic performance below. It’s more stripped down than the album version; but there’s also a music player at the band’s website (linked above).

Video: ‘Runaway Bay’ (live)

Culture Revival review: The Leisure Society @ The Stables, 23 Sept 2009

Now up at Culture Revival: a review of a gig I went to last week by the marvellous Leisure Society. What a great night. Have a listen to this:

Click here to read the review in full.

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