Quiz: Name the Publisher

Just for fun, here’s a bookish quiz. Below are 25 cryptic (or maybe not-so-cryptic) clues to the names of UK publishers, imprints, and small presses. How many can you guess?

1. Story title
2. NaCl
3. Travelling show in WC1?
4. Leads the Tour de France
5. On the Royal Mile
6. Choose an entrance?
7. Ficus
8. Freshwater nymph
9. Star (Cymraeg)
10. A cloak for Mr Creek?
11. Eaten by the Ouroboros
12. Punctuation mark
13. A job for the end of the working week?
14. The Hunter
15. Writer of Eugene Onegin
16. The exception that disproves the rule?
17. Queen of the Shades
18. A fine wine
19. Android in a huff
20. City of Lanark?
21. Early calculator
22. Sad elk?
23. Second-largest ocean
24. The Hay Wain and DCI Banks
25. There are more tales

If you get stuck, here are the answers.

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  1. Thanks for this quiz, I really enjoyed it, very clever!

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