Dylan Thomas, ‘A Visit to Grandpa’s’ (1940)

I’ve never read Thomas before, and now I can add him to my list of authors from this anthology whose work I need to explore further. This short piece about a boy visiting his mad grandfather is darkly humorous and contains some wonderful description.

Rating: ****

Official Dylan Thomas website


  1. Hello, if you want to read more Dylan Thomas then I really love the language of Undermilk Wood (“sloe black, slow black”… beautiful!)and my grandmother is obsessed with A Child’s Christmas in Wales.

  2. David Hebblethwaite

    8th February 2011 at 10:44 pm

    Thanks, Siobhan! I think I might go for Under Milk Woos first.

  3. I recall the joy of discovering Dylan Thomas ages ago, “when there were wolves in Wales.”
    It prompted a friend and I to go “chasing the ghost of Dylan Thomas.” This led us to South Wales, to Camarthen County, to his little hometown of Laugharne. We visited his home, the Boat House, and talked with the estate’s caretakers, the Wiggins, and visited the Writing Shed where he wrote “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” and many others. We visited Brown’s Hotel Bar and had our names written on the chalk board by propriator Tom Watts.
    We visited Dylan’s grave with the R.I.P. on the white cross. You can find a story of mine about the visit on-line at washingtontimes.com/communities/.Vance Garnett/”As I See-Saw It.”

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