So long, Serendipity

The January issue of Serendipity (the webzine of “magical realism and contemporary light fantasy”) is now online, and sadly it is going to be the final one (apart from a “best of” next month). Serendipity ploughed its own distinctive furrow while publishing some great fiction, so its demise is a great loss to the field — and to me personally, because I was an occasional contributor (they published five of my reviews).

I’d like to thank everyone involved in Serendipity, especially its editor, Neil Ayres, and publisher, Ben Coppin, for giving us 18 months of an excellent e-zine. It’ll be missed.


  1. Hi, David. Very belatedly, thanks for this.


  2. David

    15th June 2009 at 7:10 pm

    You’re very welcome, Neil.

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