The blog has been quiet lately, because I’ve been on holiday to the Cheltenham Literature Festival. I’ll be posting in due course about what I got up to; but, while, I was there, I started thinking that I’d like to make this blog less of a hotchpotch. The way my mind works means that it will always be something of a hotchpotch; but I’d like to give this place a bit more… focus.

How could I do that, though, without giving up on the broad range which I like, and which (I believe) is one of my strengths as a reviewer? I thought about this, and realised that I have always reviewed a lot of début fiction, and that I’m very interested in new voices. So I’m going to try focusing more tightly on work by new and/or young writers, and see how it goes.

It’ll take a bit of time to get going, as I have reading to catch up on, and of course there are only so many spare hours in the day. And, despite the change in focus, if I come across anything that absolutely demands to be blogged about, I’ll blog about it. But I’m going to try this idea on for size, and we’ll see how well it fits.