My annual page listing everything I’ve read during the year, with links to my reviews.

8. Nathacha Appanah, The Sky Above the Roof (Mauritius/France, 2019 tr. 2022). A short, sharp novel (my favourite kind!) about a family falling apart and piecing itself together.

7. Yuko Tsushima, Territory of Light (Japan, 1979 tr. 2018). Story cycle about a young woman living with her daughter and separating from her husband. Some stark imagery. [***]

6. William Golding, Pincher Martin (England, 1956). The first Golding I’ve read, and I want to read more – but I really wish I hadn’t known the ending in advance. [****]

5. Malorie Blackman, Noughts & Crosses (England, 2001). I wish I’d been able to read this as a teenager, but it was still interesting – and I did not expect that ending. [****]

4. Jacqueline Roy, The Fat Lady Sings (England/Jamaica, 2000). This tale of two women living in a psychiatric unit is powerful and serious, but with moments of humour and light. [****]

3. Paul Griffiths, The Tomb Guardians (Wales, 2021). Re-read: still as powerful. [*****]

2. Bel Olid, Wilder Winds (Spain, 2016 tr. 2022). A Catalan story collection from the Republic of Consciousness book club. Not really my cup of tea. [***]

1. Toshiki Okada, The End of the Moment We Had (Japan, 2007 tr. 2018). A pair of stories exploring human connection. [***]