My record of everything I’ve read in 2018, including links to where I’ve written about it.

7. Chris Power, Mothers (England, 2018). A striking collection of stories about people finding their way – or not finding it. [****] 

6. Roma Tearne, The White City (England/Sri Lanka, 2017). 

5. Simon Okotie, In the Absence of Absalon (England/Nigeria, 2017). An absorbing detective novel told in extreme close-up. The protagonist thinks a world of things, all while talking his keys from his pocket. [****] 

4. José Mauro de Vasconcelos, My Sweet Orange Tree (Brazil, 1968/2018). A poignant novel of childhood with a charming and cheeky protagonist. [****] 

3. Alan Parks, Bloody January (Scotland, 2017). Debut crime novel set in 1970s Glasgow, where a detective tries to discover what lay behind two teenage shootings. Properly gripping stuff. [****] 

2. Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go (England/Japan, 2005). Ishiguro’s novel of young people growing up in a mysterious school and then [spoilers redacted]. I found it less engaging than I expected, felt that it fell between stools. 

1. César Aira, The Lime Tree (Argentina, 2003/17). A dense, digressive autobiographical novel from a cult Argentinian author who was new to me. I want to read more of his work after this. [***]